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Drug manufacturing charges are serious. Producing the drugs that can ruin lives and communities is a serious crime, and the State of New York prosecutes drug manufacturers as strongly as possible. Depending on the severity of the charges, individuals who produce drugs may be facing very serious jail time.

Drug manufacturing charges relate to the cultivation of plant drugs (especially marijuana), the possession of precursors to drugs, and the possession of one or all of the various materials used in the production of methamphetamine. Charges for the production of methamphetamine can be particularly serious, due to the nature of the methamphetamine production process.

If you are facing charges related to drug manufacturing, you should contact the Law Office of Michael D. Litman as soon as possible. The state is already working on the case against you. We can help you put a plan together for defending yourself from what’s coming. Get in touch today.

Drug Manufacturing Charges and Penalties

  • Criminal possession of precursors of controlled substances: This includes a wide variety of precursors that can be used for the production of several different drugs. Criminal possession of a precursor of a controlled substance is a class E felony, punishable by up to 2 ½ years in prison.
  • Criminal possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material: This includes possession of precursors, chemical reagents, or solvents with the intent to produce or allow another person to produce methamphetamine. Second degree criminal possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year. Repeat offenders (and those who have other methamphetamine charges on their record) are charged with first degree possession, which is a class E felony.
  • Criminal possession of precursors of methamphetamine: This is when an individual possesses all of the precursors, solvents, and chemical reagents needed to produce methamphetamine, with the intent to produce the drug. This is a class E felony, punishable by up to 2 ½ years in prison.
  • Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine: Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the third degree is a class D felony, punishable by up to 4 ½ years in prison. This occurs any time an individual produces methamphetamine. Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the second degree is a class C felony, punishable by up to 9 years in prison. This occurs when an individual produces methamphetamine in the presence of an individual less than 16 years old, or with repeat methamphetamine-related offenses. Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the first degree is a class B felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. This occurs with repeat offenses of second degree manufacture.
  • Cultivation of Marijuana: In itself, cultivation of marijuana is only a class A misdemeanor, punishable by 1 year in jail and a fine of $1,000. But cultivation of marijuana also brings with it charges for possession of marijuana, which are likely to be serious. For example, possession of 1 to 10 pounds of marijuana is a class D felony, punishable by up to 4 ½ years in prison.

What to Do If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested on drug manufacturing charges, the most important thing for you to do is shut up! You may be tempted to try to talk the officer out of arresting you. Don’t try it. Based on our years of experience defending criminal cases, we can say that you’re much more likely to say something to further incriminate yourself than you are to talk the officer out of arresting you. The arrest is not the time to defend yourself. You have the right to remain silent. We advise you to take advantage of it.

After you’ve been arrested, it’s time for you to prepare your defense. You should get in touch with a lawyer you can trust. A good attorney can make all the difference in a criminal case. The right attorney may be the difference between a guilty verdict and a not-guilty verdict, or between receiving a light sentence versus the maximum sentence.

Don’t throw years of your life away. Get in touch with the best attorney you can.

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