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Most drivers know the dangers of drinking and driving.

It poses a serious danger to you and everyone else on the road, and the State of New York takes it very seriously. In spite of that, simply being arrested for a DWI offense doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless.

If you’ve been arrested for impaired driving, contact a White Plains DWI attorney for a free consultation if you or a loved one is facing criminal charges.

Can a DWI Be Dismissed in NY?

Yes, a DWI charge could be dismissed by the officer if there is a determination of having no reasonable suspicion to pull a car over.

If police stop a car on a public highway, they can only do so with a justifiable cause that the driver committed a traffic violation with their car.

Can You Go To Jail For A DWI In New York State?

If you are charged with a DWI in the state of New York, the first thing to figure out is whether your case will be considered a misdemeanor or a felony.

Generally, as a first-time offender, your criminal case will be dealt with as a misdemeanor.

A couple of aspects can impact this and make your first-time offense reach the Felony level, like for example if you have a kid in the backseat, or if you are impaired by a combined impact of alcohol and drugs.

The criminal court in White Plains can sentence a person to up to one year in jail.

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As a citizen in White Plains, New York, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges facing you. You also have the right to expect that the White Plains police will follow proper procedures during your arrest.

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Personalized Legal Services for Westchester County

Every case is different and your criminal defense is customized to fit your needs.

From the initial consultation onward, our lawyer will work to learn all we can about the details of your arrest and the charges against you.

All DWI cases are unique—as your lawyer, we will work to find the details of your case that give you the best possible chance of dismissal or acquittal on your criminal charges.

In New York, a DWI is also driving under the influence or a DUI in many other jurisdictions. It is also likely to be charged with driving while ability impaired or, combined with alcohol and drugs consumed, you may face charges with a Drug-DWAI.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are assessed in all DWI-DUI situations. They can influence the severity of a crime and the legal considerations and possible sentences.

Our attorneys handle all kinds of drunk driving cases, including:

New York State’s Impaired Driving Laws

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is the most basic charge for intoxicated drivers.

It occurs when a driver operates a vehicle while having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher, or there is other evidence of intoxication.

Because of their increased responsibility, a commercial driver can be charged with DWI when their BAC is .04 percent or higher.

The penalties for driving while intoxicated include:

  • Fines of up to $500 to $1,000

  • Jail time for up to one year

  • License revocation for at least 6 months

  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in your vehicle for one year

  • Worsened penalties for subsequent offenses

Aggravated driving while intoxicated (Aggravated DWI) occurs when an individual operates a vehicle while having a BAC of .18 or higher.

The increased BAC means that an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle is even more reduced than with a standard DWI, leading to stronger legal penalties such as fines of up to $2,500.

When Drugs Are Involved

Driving while impaired by a drug (DWAI/Drug) occurs when an individual is found to be driving while impaired by one drug.

Driving while impaired by a combination of drugs is covered by another charge.

The penalty for driving while impaired by a drug, as a first offense, is:

  • Fines of $500 to $1,000

  • Jail time for up to one year

  • License revocation for at least six months

  • Worsened penalties for subsequent offenses

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Driving While Ability Impaired By Alcohol

Even though an individual’s driving ability may not be reduced as severely when he or she has had less to drink, any noticeable impairment in driving ability could lead to a charge of driving while ability impaired by alcohol (DWAI/Alcohol).

This occurs when an individual has a BAC of between .05 and .07 percent, or when there is other evidence of impairment.

The penalty for driving with ability impaired by alcohol is:

  • Fines of $300 to $500

  • Up to 15 days’ jail time

  • License suspension for 90 days

Significantly, the State of New York defines DWAI/Alcohol as a violation, rather than as a misdemeanor.

As a result, individuals charged with misdemeanor DWI sometimes seek a plea bargain where the DWI is reduced to the lesser violation charge of DWAI/Alcohol in exchange for pleading guilty.

A skilled DWI attorney will be able to tell you whether this is a possibility in your case.

Zero Tolerance Law

Drivers under the age of 21 are not supposed to be drinking in the first place, let alone driving with measurable amounts of alcohol in their system.

That’s why the State of New York has a Zero Tolerance Law covering impaired driving on the part of underage drivers.

The Zero Tolerance Law applies when a driver under the age of 21 drives with a BAC between .02 and .07 percent.

The penalty for breaking the zero tolerance law is:

  • $125 fine

  • 6 months’ license suspension

  • $100 fee to terminate the suspension

Other Possible Conviction For Driving Intoxicated

Being convicted will almost definitely lead to an increase in your car insurance premiums, around 76 percent on average in New York state.

This can lead to financial stress, forcing you to drive with reduced coverage or, in extreme cases, forcing you to stop driving at all.

Convictions can also make it more difficult for you to pass a background check.

Whether in the case of employment applications, housing applications for renters, or any other situation where an individual needs to pass a background check, a DWI conviction can be a handicap.

While it may not necessarily lead you to lose out on a job offer or a new rental, it will almost certainly prove to be a hurdle.

In addition to all this, these charges carry a certain social stigma.

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to be intoxicated behind the wheel can be, and many have lost loved ones because of a drunk driver.

It’s very possible that your relationship with friends and family will be strained if they find out you’ve been convicted.

All the more reason to get in touch with a skilled DWI attorney and find out the best way to defend yourself.

Protecting Yourself Following Arrest

If you find yourself being arrested for a DWI charge, the most important thing is that you don’t incriminate yourself any further.

Do not admit to anything, including having drunk any alcohol. You are not required to talk to a White Plains police officer. Don’t try to talk the officer out of arresting you.

If the officer has already taken out the cuffs, the decision is already made.

It’s much more likely that you’ll say something that will hurt your case, instead of being able to convince the officer to change his or her mind.

The time of your arrest is a time to reduce harm by keeping quiet and cooperating with the arresting officer, not a time to argue your case or try to get out of being arrested.

You have the right to remain silent.

This is the time to use it.

The next step is to defend yourself.

Contact an Aggressive White Plains Defense Attorney if You Are Charged With DWI/DUI

If you seek a powerful DWI lawyer serving White Plains, New York, it is crucial that you hire the right lawyer to battle for you.

Unfortunately, not all attorneys are equal in DWI/DUI defense cases.

It would be best to find a DWI lawyer, an experienced negotiator with strong ability in a criminal court setting.

With the outstanding legal qualifications of DWI lawyer Michael D. Litman serving White Plains, NY, your case will be thoroughly reviewed and assessed to determine the best approach of defense to protect you.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI in White Plains, the New York State District Attorney’s Office is already preparing the case against you.

You need a plan to defend yourself and a solid understanding of your options.

Talk to an experienced Westchester County DWI lawyer to figure out what to do to make the best of your situation.

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