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Violent Crimes Attorney in Westchester County, New York

Few crimes carry the stiff sentences and penalties of violent crimes. Violence is often the dividing point for several aspects of the criminal justice system. While a drug offense may carry a mandatory sentence, any associated violent act will automatically increase the severity of the consequences. If you were charged with such an offense, the Westchester violent crime lawyer at the Law Office of Michael D. Litman can help you protect your freedom.

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The Consequences of A Conviction

Violence or its intent can have severe ramifications for alternative sentencing. While a simple drug offense can lead to an alternative treatment program, a violent drug offense will almost always mean jail time instead of any chance at an alternative sentence. The same holds for probation and parole. If an individual is considered a danger to society, a judge is more likely to keep that individual removed from mainstream society for fear of the potential for future violence.

Common types of violent crimes include:

  • Assault: Causing physical injury to an individual without permission, either with or without a weapon

  • Domestic violence: Violence or aggressive behavior within a home, generally involving partners, couples, spouses, and at times children

  • Homicide/murder: The intentional killing of a human being with prior malice, or with the action thought out beforehand

  • Manslaughter: The killing of another human being without forethought, such as in an accident

  • Crimes involving weapons: Any crime involving a weapon, whether it be a gun, knife, baseball bat, or other object that can reasonably be used to hurt another

  • Kidnapping: Illegally capturing and holding an individual against their will, usually for the purpose of collecting a ransom

  • Sex crimes: Any of a number of crimes with sexual assault as a motive, or as part of a different crime

  • Terroristic threatening: An intimidating threat meant to scare or intimidate an individual with a threat of violence or personal injury

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Violent Crime Statistics

Compared to other states, New York ranks around average for violent crimes. Statistics from Neighborhood Scout show New York having roughly 392,694 total crimes on average each year, with 75,165 of those as violent crimes—about 3.8 percent.

Crimes in New York include:

  • Murder: 609 total, .03 (per thousand)

  • Rape: 6,074 total, .31

  • Robbery: 23,936 total, 1.21

  • Assault: 44,546 total, 2.25

Violent crimes are judged more heavily than others, and any crime can be charged as such if the prosecution can prove that there was intent for such an act. Michael Litman has the experience and knowledge to provide a strong, capable defense for any of these charges.

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If you or a loved one has been accused, charged, or arrested for a violent crime, contact the Law Office of Michael D. Litman as soon as possible. Depending on their severity, violent crimes often carry life-changing penalties and sentences, including long prison terms up to life imprisonment. It is vitally important that you retain legal counsel as soon as possible to begin working on your defense. Our firm has both the experience and the knowledge needed to successfully defend your case.

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