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No matter what you’ve been charged with, you are guaranteed certain rights; and as criminal defense lawyers it is our job to make sure those rights are defended. No matter whether you have been charged with a major crime or a minor one, no matter whether you’re guilty or not guilty, you have rights that need to be defended.

Under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, you have a number of rights that the government must respect, no matter what the charges against you may be. These rights help to protect citizens against being treated arbitrarily by the government and ensure that the legal system works as fairly and transparently as possible. Here are some of the most important rights citizens are granted under the Constitution:

  • A Speedy Trial: This means you have the right to have your trial take place within a reasonable amount of time after your arrest. There are some valid reasons why a trial can be delayed, but a trial cannot be delayed purely in order to give the prosecution an advantage.
  • A Public Trial: Defendants have the right to a public trial because it ensures that the legal system remains transparent and open to correction by the public. It makes sure the correct procedures are followed and keeps the legal system functioning as impartially as possible. There are some circumstances where a defendant may opt for a trial that is closed to the public; but, as a rule, the right to a public trial helps ensure the quality of the legal system.
  • An Impartial Jury: For most criminal charges, defendants have the right to a jury trial. This means the defendant has the right to be judged guilty or not guilty by a group of jurors who have been chosen for being unbiased. The right to a jury trial doesn’t apply in the case of more minor charges (those that have a possible sentence of less than six months) or juvenile cases.
  • A Notice of Accusation: As the defendant, you have the right to know what you are being charged with. The police are not allowed to arrest people without bringing charges against them and informing them what those charges are.
  • The Assistance of Legal Counsel: As a defendant, you have the right to be defended by a qualified attorney, even if you don’t have the means to pay for one. That being said, if you can afford to pay for your own legal counsel, it’s generally a good idea to do so.

These rights are extremely important, and we make sure that they are protected throughout the entire defense process. If you have been subjected to unfair practices by the authorities, we will make sure the authorities are held accountable. We also make sure that our clients are fully informed of their rights.

At the Law Office of Michael D. Litman, PLLC, our Westchester criminal lawyer serves defendants facing a variety of charges, including DWI charges, drug charges, weapons charges, assault charges, larceny, burglary, identity theft, and sex crimes. Click the link below if you want to learn more about your rights and the legal process for criminal defense in general, or send us an email or call us at (914) 268-6855to set up your free consultation.

Client Testimonials

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  • I think this is the best result I could have hoped for considering my situation.

    “Well versed on the ins and outs of the laws in New York regarding DWI/DUI convictions. I was an out of state client (CT) and attorney Littman got my DWI misdemeanor conviction reduced to a violation, ...”

    - Former Client
  • I found his services exceptional.

    “As a client of Michael’s following a marijuana arrest, I found his services exceptional. He plainly told me what to expect going in and created a confident atmosphere going into the city date. Would ...”

    - Former Client
  • I'm completely satisfied and once again thanks wish you luck and success on your extraordinary career!

    “I feel totally grateful of my case results, Litman did such an excellent job and his services were highly rated, I'm completely satisfied and once again thanks wish you luck and success on your ...”

    - Former Client
  • He explained my case in a way that I could understand and assured me to work endlessly to get me the best possible outcome.

    “Mr. Litman was very honest and straightforward. He explained my case in a way that I could understand and assured me to work endlessly to get me the best possible outcome. He came thru on his promise. ...”

    - Mike
  • I was treated with the utmost kindness and understanding.

    “About 3 years ago, I was going through some rough times in my personal life and made a few terrible choices in result. I got into some serious trouble and didn’t know what to do. From the second I met ...”

    - Alex

Results Matter

We Work Towards Optimal Results
  • Dismissed Felony DWI
  • Case Dismissed Loaded Firearm Suppressed
  • Acquittal of the DWI After Trial DWI, DWAI and Traffic Violation Charges
  • Case Dismissed Felony Strangulation and Misdemeanor Assault
  • Case Dismissed Juvenile Misdemeanor Forcible Touching
  • Charges Reduced Felony Larceny and Forged Instrument
  • Case Dismissed with an ACD Assault
  • Charges Reduced Felony Larceny and Possession of Stolen Property
  • Acquittal After Trial Forcible Touching and Sexual Abuse Charges

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    We will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for your case.

  • Protect Your Rights

    We provide guidance and communication throughout the process to keep you informed.

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    We create a comfortable atmosphere by providing personalized service to each case.

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