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The Law Office of Michael D. Litman, PLLC Aug. 5, 2022

White Plains Criminal Defense Lawyer

Legal Representation You Can Count On

Getting arrested for a crime may seem like a nightmare, but with the right attorney on your side, it doesn’t have to be. The steps taken following your arrest are critical, as every word you speak and every move you make can affect the outcome of your case. This is a significant reason why you should not fight your charges alone.

At the Law Office of Michael D. Litman, PLLC, our White Plains criminal defense attorney is available around the clock to guide, support, and advocate for you. We understand that criminal charges alone can impact your reputation and peace of mind, but a conviction can do far worse damage. As such, you can trust our firm to defend your rights as if our own freedoms were at stake because we believe in the power of second chances. Whether you made a mistake, were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or learned your lesson, you can turn to our lawyer for all your criminal defense needs.

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Cases We Handle

Criminal charges can affect anyone at any time, which is why we are readily prepared to handle even the most complex cases that come our way. If you were caught with drugs, had a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, got accused of assault, or are dealing with other criminal accusations, you’ve come to the right place. Our attorney defends clients from an extensive range of crimes, such as:

Besides defending these cases, we also help eligible clients get their criminal records sealed and move forward with a clean slate. Get in touch with us to learn if you qualify for this opportunity.

Why Choose Us?

Your defense lawyer should be focused on helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case, providing uncompromising representation at all stages of the process. You want an attorney who can stand up for you when the odds don’t seem to be in your favor. That’s who we are. When you choose the Law Office of Michael D. Litman, PLLC to serve you, you could greatly benefit from what we bring to the table. This includes:

  • Responsiveness: Attorney Litman is available 24/7 to serve clients, whether they need case updates, have questions or concerns, and more.

  • Tireless dedication: Many firms “bite off more than they can chew” by taking on more cases than they can handle. That’s not how we work. Our lawyer strategically manages his caseload to ensure each client gets the attention, responsiveness, and commitment they need and deserve.

  • Direct guidance: Communication is key, particularly, during a criminal case. This is why we ensure no stone is unturned by keeping in close contact with our clients throughout the process. We inform them of any updates, risks, and other key details concerning their cases, assuring clients that we are on top of it.

  • Personalized legal services: No two situations are exactly alike, so defense strategies shouldn’t be, either. Our attorney understands that each person is unique and the circumstances leading to their arrest often vary. Thus, we provide custom legal strategies tailored to our clients’ individual situations.

Ready to get started? We look forward to discussing your situation during your free consultation. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.


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